C E R I N I  d a y l e s f o r d   h e a l i n g   r e t r e a t


         DAYLESFORD & HEPBURN SPRINGS, Victoria, Australia  

Mineral Springs Area, the Spa  Capital and Health Resort of Australia. The Springs, known to the aborigines of the area and later by the early prospectors and settlers, had their true wealth overshadowed by the mining boom. This pamphlet is to help give the 1990's perspective and focus. A view that embraces wealth from the perspective of health and well-being. Mineral spring water, cool, effervescent, alive and imbued with healthful properties in its passage along subterranean pathways. The 75 mineral springs of the area make it the Spa Capital of Australia. The Health Spa Complex at Hepburn Springs Reserve, with its recent upgrading and new facilities, enable it to compete with any Spa Complex in the world. For the visitor, guest and accomodation facilities will cater for the health conscious to help make your weekend retreat or work conference a memorable one.


And Spa Capital Of Australia 

Daylesford & Hepburn Springs

This area is not just mineral water. The air is clean, the scenery, gardens and walks a boon to help gain mental clarity, soothe jagged nerves and stressed bodies. Health conscious people are being drawn to here for the way of life and service offered. The higher altitude of the Great Divide combined with the Wombat State Forest helps create an invigorating climate. Where once sluiceways channelled water to help pan for gold, there are now bush walks. Wander amongst tree ferns nestled in gullies through winding paths along the forest floor. Overhead leafy green canopies with the scent of pine and eucalyptus filling the air. Laze by the lakes in dappled sunlight. The natural beauty and quaint charm of the past is retained throughout the township. Our specialty shops, fine eating places and the many outdoor activities make your days and evenings enjoyable. We welcome you to find your little treasure.

Following the establishment of the Mineral Springs Advisory Committee and a surcharge on commercially extracted mineral water in 1980, the way was paved for the upgrading of the Mineral Springs Area around Dalesford and Hepburn Springs. This coincided with a greater focus on conservation and a general raising of consciousness towards the view of personal and planetary healing.

As we move into the new millenium we see that the principle of wholeness, dependence and unity is a life principle that we have become increasingly aware of in what we call ecology. The natural balance in nature can be observed in our environment, however many of the principles that governs the ecology of (in) man seem to have been forgotten and are now remerging in our time.

Disharmony will eventually lead to physical and emotional distress or illness. We have become habitual 'law breakers' who do not even see the 'traffic signs' when there is danger ahead. We often find ourself in situations where we can't trace the origin of our discomfort or pain because of wrong thinking, diet, lack of exercise, etc.. In our life there are too many signs we over-look until eventually we identify so much with our special stress pattern. The memory of health has receded to a dimmed conscious recollection of how it was to feel free and open to life. Our personal ecology becomes out of balance as an individual and social being.

In recent times there has been a resurgence of healing modalities from grandmothers hints to borrowed techniques from other cultures. Health is living life free from limiting patterns of fear, guilt, anger, sorrow and so on. A wholistic approach to health through massage, hydrotherapy, a healing enviroment, touches a person on different levels of mind, emotions and the physical body. It unwinds penetrates releases the knots of tension that over a period of time hold a pattern of stress which eventually can create disease.

The Mineral Springs Area has an aura and energy that acts like an acupuncture node on one of earths meridians. People responding to this vibration are drawn here. However 150 years ago they were drawn for different reasons than views currently held in this 'New Age'.


During the search for wealth in the 1850's treasure was yielded from the ground around three extinct volcanoes. The riches sought were in the form of gold. Rubies and other gemstones were tossed aside for the precious yellow metal. John Hepburn was credited with discovering the area in 1837 whilst driving cattle overland to N.S.W. Gold was first discovered in 1851 at the site that is now Lake Daylesford. Many tunnels, miles long and seeking the gold rich quartz reefs, traverse under the present day township. As the gold petered out many of the early European settlers stayed on to partake of other riches by the discovery of Mineral Spring Water. Water passing through mineral laden rocks collecting traces of Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Sulphate. To be then mixed with Carbon Dioxide released from deep within the earths crust.



Further information about the Mineral Springs Area could be found from the

Tourist Information Centre in Vincent St. Daylesford. (03) 5321 6123.

A great place to relax indulge and rejuvenate

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